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Refurbished products

GOOZE is making its best to preserve the environment and therefore offers refurbished smartcard readers:

  • GOOZE buys smartcard readers from refurbishing companies throughout the European-Union. We make sure to buy well-known hardware, which is still in the catalog of large vendors.
  • GOOZE is also registering as a refurbishing company in France. In the future, this will allow us to collect a large amount of smartcard readers, most of the time from our customers. Sometimes clients buy us OTPs and give-up their old smartcard readers. The price involved is testing and cleaning the hardware.

This strategy allows us to have real stock on refurbished products.

If you browse GOOZE catalog, you may notice that we create bundles including a refurbished reader AND a new reader. This offers users more flexibility and a terrific price. In particular, we really like new Feitian products and try when possible to bundle them with older devices.

Each deviced goes through a refurbish process:

  • Cleaning.
  • Visual checking of connectors.
  • Plugging, unplugging, automatic detection.
  • Writing and reading certificated on a smart card.

Our benchmark computer is able to test four smart card readers at once.

We guarantee refurbished products one year. As usual our technical support team is very reactive and we replace any defective product.