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ALIX 2D13 PC Engines kit

SKU: pcengines-2D13-kit
Price: 117,60€ including VAT 20%

Embedded platform running GNU/Linux, FreeBSD or any derived distributions with web interface. Low power consumption. No moving parts, reliable and durable.

Kit content

The kit includes:
1 x ALIX.2D13 system board (LX800 / 256 MB / 3 LAN / 1 miniPCI / USB / RTC battery).
1 x case1d2u enclosure (3 LAN USB).
1 x DVD with Debian, pfSense®, ipFire installers and community documentation/tutorials.

SLC compact flash cards are superior quality, industrial grade.

The kit is mounted by our technical services.
For installing software, read GOOZE ALIX boards HOWTOs online.

Hardware specifications

  • CPU: 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800.
  • VPN hardware acceleration if the requested drivers are used.
  • DRAM: 256 MB DDR DRAM.
  • Storage: CompactFlash socket, 44 pin IDE header.
  • Power: DC jack or passive POE, min. 7V to max. 20V.
  • Three front panel LEDs, pushbutton.
  • Expansion: 1 miniPCI slot, LPC bus.
  • Connectivity: 3 Ethernet channels (Via VT6105M 10/100).
  • I/O: DB-9 serial male port, dual USB port.
  • No video output. No audio output. Only serial console (buy cable on this page).
  • Firmware: tinyBIOS.

The ALIX 2D13 kit can be used to build the following network appliances:
* pfSense® Open-Source Firewall.
* MoNowall Open-Source Firewall.
* Askozia PBX / VoIP, based on Asterisk.
* VPN Access.
* FreeRadius server.
* Certificate Authority (CA) server.
* OpenERP server.
* PostgreSQL/MySQL server.


If you are using a free operating system for a network appliance, you should be aware that ***MOST*** systems offer backward keys which enable an attacker to become root during reboot. Read this article Forgotten Password with Locked Console about an attacker becoming root upon pfSense® boot. Therefore, for any important application, we recommend you to lock the embedded platform in a safe cabinet or safe room, as ANY network appliance.

Build your system

Browse this page down and choose:

  • a power adapter, European or UK plug.
  • a flash card (CF), from 1G to 8G.
  • an Operating System if needed.
  • a connection cable from USB (your computer) to DB-9 Null-Modem Female (the Alix board). Plug-and-play under GNU/Linux, Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X.

pfSense® is a registered trademark and service mark owned by Electric Sheep Fencing LLC.

Weight: 462 g
Dimensions: 168 mm × 30 mm × 157 mm
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PC Engines
This product is not restricted for export.
1 year
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