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Setting ALIX console settings to 9600 bauds

The APU default settings are 115200 bauds 8N1 (and cannot be changed).
Skip this page if you are using an APU.

When using pfSense on a fresh ALIX board, there are different settings:

  • pfSense images are made for a 9600 bauds console.
  • ALIX default settings are 38400 bauds 8N1.

It may be interesting to set ALIX default speed to 9600 bauds.

Modify ALIX bios settings

Open your terminal with 38400 bauds.
During first seconds of boot, press the "S" key to access bios settings:

Press the '9' key to select 9600 bauds.

Quit to reboot.

Close your terminal as it is set from 38400 bauds and should be now 9600.