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Starting firewall in console mode on the ALIX board

This page explains how to start a firewall installation on an ALIX board.
If you are using an APU, please skip to next page.

Boot the Compact Flash for the first time with 9600 bauds:

Press 1 to start the firewall in configuration mode.

This is firewall default text-mode menu:

Plug in a network cable from your local network (WAN) to the ALIX board.
pfSense is not able to assign wireless interfaces from the console.

Press 1 to assign interfaces.
When asked, press 'a' for automatic configuration.

Now your interfaces have been detected, but the IP address is

Press 2 to assign a new IP adress, which can be reached on your LAN:
In our example, we modified the default LAN address to
When asked, choose 24 ( as network mask and restart webconfigurator.

Note down the IP address of your ALIX board.