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We provide daily installers with latest develpments, suitables for the Feitian PKI, the Feitian ePassPKI and the ePass2003.

Secure messenging is only supported by the ePass2003.

Downloading OpenSC

Download OpenSC installer for Mac OS X:

The installers include:

  • OpenSC 0.12.3 pre-release with Secure messenging.
  • pkcs11 engine
  • Tokend plugin
  • OpenSSL 1.0a (Mac OS X 10.5 only)

Installing Mac OS X smartcard service is not needed.
The installers have been testing using daily regression tests.

Installing OpenSC

When downloading is complete, installation begins.

Follow the usual steps:

Click on Continue:

Installation is complete:

Reboot Mac OS X for changes to take effect.


Open a terminal and run:

$ sudo opensc-uninstall