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Windows logon using smartcards

Here is a list of documentation and projects:


GOOZE tutorial: EIDauthentication HOWTO
Audience: single user authentication, small workgroups
Status: validated and working

While Microsoft has designed a smart card logon method in active directory, stand alone computer can't use smart cards. EIDauthentication allows smartcard logon, without the need of a domain controller.

This project works very well with the Feitian PKI and the Feitian ePass PKI token.

Active Directory

Website: Microsoft
Audience: workgroups using Active Directory
Status: validated and working

Microsoft has designed a smart card logon method in Active Directory, but this requires a Windows 2008 Server. The connection method using Windows 2008 Server is very described on Feitian CD.

A free software alternative to Active Directory server would be a Linux box running Kerberos + LDAP + Samba RPC. But our tutorial is not yet ready.

pGina open source authentication

Audience: workgroups using free software
Status: not validated

pGina is an open source authentication system that replaces the built in authentication of the Microsoft Windows operating system. pGina uses easy-to-write plugins that allow a system to authenticate against virtually any source. Some examples are LDAP, RADIUS, SSH, FTP, SMTP, POP3, and many more.

There used to be a smartcard plugin for pGina and the plugin needs to be revived. Please contact the developers for more information.